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  1. (How’s life?)

Ehh, im not one to complain, a lot of shit happening right now but its w/e

  1. (Yea? Like what, tell me about it.)

My girl is giving me a headache bro.

  1. You know im not the jealous type but dude there is this guy that keeps flirting with her and messing with her head. He keeps telling her shit and messing with my relationship.
  2. Everything now is why don’t we invite Jake along, but Jake wants to go to the mall today, but Jake said that’s not my problem, Jake says a girlfriend is allowed to flirt around, Jake this Jake that it drives me insane man.
  3.  Just the other day she said Jake said we should try this position, I mean how can you say that ……how can u mention another guys name while fucking your boyfriend.
  4. (Bet you want reconstruct his face right?)

Oh man you have no idea, if I saw this kid on the street…..its over.

  1.  His own parents won’t be able to recognize him.
  2. I swear ill turn him into a single-celled organism. But I cant do that, for one my girl would know its me and secondly I need to talk to the guy first tell him to hop off, give him a warning you know.
  3. (So when was your last fight? Did the guy deserve it?)

Hmmm, my last fight lets see……..oh bingo, About a month ago it happened.

  1. I was at the club with a couple of my close friends kinda like my sisters.
  2. So we on the dance floor having a good time.
  3. We got some drinks got a little tipsy you know.
  4. We tryina have a good time and all and I realize that there is this one guy getting all up on my friend and she trying to push him off and get away.
  5. So she comes over to me and starts dancing on me, so I helped her out. But man this guy, I don’t know if he’s stupid or somethin but he keeps on trying to get up all in her face.
  6. I pull her away again and I tell her maybe its time to go. She said aight lets leave, and we walkin to the door and every time this guy keeps pullin on her skirt tryin to pull it up and all and feelin all up on her.
  7. So I push him away tell him beat it and this guy gets up and swings at me, so I got mad and decked this fucker.
  8. Bro I went in, I swear I wiped the floor with this guy he was bleeding all over the place.
  9. The bouncer now comes in and grabs me and tries talkin me out of this tellin me it aint worth it and all, u know cuz im tight with him and all, and this motherfucker gets off the floor and comes and kicks me.
  10. That was the last straw I gave this guy one good uppercut and knocked him the hell out.
  11. Now the bouncer is swinging and going crazy too.
  12.  It was a mess dude I lost it I threw the bouncer on the floor and locked him in, he couldn’t move an inch.
  13. I swear I was ready to snap necks in that bitch.
  14. The owner came down and told me to stop messing around and to let the bouncer go.
  15. I told him I don’t take shit from anyone, if I ever see that fucking kid in the club again ima set him straight from the start, or ima have him kicked out.


Website Credibility

While browsing through weeklyworldnews.com I randomly chose the article, “Orange orbs over north Carolina” by Tap Vann, to review and use it as a my conclusion of this website in terms of its legitimacy and the truth behind the website. This article seems to have pictures of two orange orbs floating over North Carolina. In this article the writer states “Two large orange orbs have been appearing over North Carolina these last few weeks” which indicates that either the writer was a witness himself or he hasn’t taken the time to proofread his work. That in itself has me questioning whether he researched to the truth about these stories or he just wrote what he heard from the local people. He also mentions “WWN contacted Russia extraterrestrial expert, Sergie Brikov, who said that the orbs are clearly alien spaceships”. He does not introduce WWN nor does he explain to us what it is, and he does not show Sergie Brikov’s credentials. How do we know he is an extraterrestrial expert and based on what is he an ET expert? These few lines themselves were enough to have me doubt this website and I clearly would advise everyone to stay away from it.

In theonion.com the article I focused on was “Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Arrive On Oscar Red Carpet 12 Hours Early”. I found this article to be well cited. The writer of the article does not mention where he got his information from just saying that he received them from sources. That is understandable to some degree; however the photos provided do seem photo-shopped as in the second picture if one looks closely part Angelina’s arm seems to have been cut out. Also what made me doubt this piece is that the author contradicts himself by initially stating that Brad and Angelina were able to enter and walk freely around the red carpet and the seat placements earlier in the morning but towards the afternoon the security team refused to let them in to scope out the best seats in the house. So this article is not, in my opinion, reliable and the entire website is probably the same.

In http://zapatopi.net/treeoctopus/ , I found the article to be very opinionated. They don’t saw where they get their information from so it can’t be used as fact. This article seems to be a bit passive as well, which makes me question its legitimacy. I don’t think this site will be useful to be used as a source of research.

My High School

“Razi School fosters spirituality and academic excellence in a distinctive Islamic environment with high expectation for students in grades Pre K-12 by assisting to develop the whole person and facilitating the success of all students.

Razi School has been established to provide an excellent education in Islamic environment while providing them with the academic tools to successes as educated Muslims in a competitive society. Through the daily contact with teachers as Islamic role models and the interaction with the Muslim peers they will receive the inner strength and self esteem to stand up for their believes and let their voices be heard through walls of frivolity and ignorance.

Razi School accomplishes this by:

  • Teaching Islam as a faith to be lived.
  • Providing a core curriculum of studies consistent with the NYBOE.
  • Recognizing each individual’s ability.
  • Assisting students to grow in confidence.”

From my experience at my high school, which was a private Islamic high school, I agree that this school has indeed better me in several ways. It enriched my knowledge of different cultures and their traditions. This helped open my eyes to different types of people and how to approach them during different situations without offending anyone unintentionally. However there are a few lacking points in the schools Islamic building blocks and how they chose to handle certain situations pertaining to such religious matter was very poor. As many people in the world are aware there are several sects of Islam because of disagreement on very small aspects. This school is based on the Shia sect due to the popularity among the school’s board members. However this school proclaims that it embraces Islam as a whole, yet sadly when one student questions their belief or provides ulterior perspective they immediately dismiss the idea and tell the child that there is only one way of thought and it is as they say, as a dictator would create laws and enforce them upon his people in their children’s textbooks. However despite their small lack in religious enlightenment, they do have a very rigorous curriculum that can be overwhelming at times. The teachers are extraordinarily helpful and combining them with the curriculum offered the entire system just causes the student to push themselves beyond boundaries that the time they thought was not possible. This in turn builds students in self-confidence and character. Also to add to self-confidence and character building is the extreme gym course. I still remember when I use to have to ask a fellow student help carry me home due to the exhaustion. All in all I believe that this school is very family oriented and academically advanced causing its graduates to excel and move on to ivy league colleges and become  people with great knowledge and high stature.

Best Educational Experience

In every aspect of our lives we tend to learn something new. One of the most astonishingly educational moments that I have had occurred in a dental clinic. The clinic had a modern setting to it, with a sort of homey feeling. It had a metallic chandelier with three lights, dark oak hard wood floor, and the walls were painted a creamy color with a design on the center of each wall horizontally that had a bold brown color. At the time I was shadowing an orthodontist at the clinic, to see what life would be like going into such a field. A 28 year old male with brown hair, hazel eyes, had a height of six feet and two inches and weighs 170 lbs, was just administered into the clinic. I only know these facts because I was asked to fill out the patient’s medical history which requires me to take all these measurements along with his blood pressure. The patient since the beginning to me seemed a bit nervous, but he assured me that he was well and just acting as a first time patient would. As I proceeded to do my job I had realized that his blood pressure was slightly elevated and included that fact in his files. At the time I was unable to examine a patient further than that unless a doctor was present, so I wasn’t able to look at his teeth or check his x-rays. I followed up with the doctor on his other patient and helped the orthodontist in any way I could. Now we had finally reached the new patient and the doctor quickly looked through the x-rays and asked the patient to open his mouth to examine his teeth. The patients gums were irregularly inflamed and areas of his gum had blue and black patches. The orthodontist took a few swabs of the patients gum and sent them for immediate analysis. When the results returned the doctor discovered that the patient had a form of gum disease and the bacteria strain that was causing it was also determined. Necessary cleaning and treatment were provided. Unfortunately, what the orthodontist didn’t pay attention to was the fact that the bacteria could also damage the lining of the blood vessels which in turn could cause severe clotting problems. This is in fact what had happened to our patient a couple of days later, when the emergency room confirmed that he had a stroke. His slowly elevating blood pressure should have been a signal that there might have been clotting in one of his vessels.
What I have taken from this is that a simple thing such as brushing your teeth daily can save you from life threatening cases such as a stroke. If you think about it most diseases and viruses that make humans sick come from what we put in our mouths. If we keep our mouths clean by brushing and washing everyday then we wouldn’t get most of the medical problems we have today and maybe we might even be able to extend our lifetime.

M&M’s Commercial


Why go to college?

At first my initial impulse to continuing my education after high school was for a better life than i currently live. To be able to provide for my kids what i was unable to acquire due to financial instability which in turn led to lack of family time. Now that finances are no longer an issue for me and i have some experience of college, i just wish to expand and explore every fascinating aspect in this world.

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